Chiptune Music Composition

Chiptune or 8 bit music is a retro style electronic music that commonly used on old school video game such as Donkey Kong, Zelda, Mario, and Pokemon. However, it is not limited to old video games. In modern game industry, there’s still a lot of demand for chiptune due to it’s unique sound characteristic that associate weel with pixel graphic. As a music composer, i can compose old school chiptune music or hybrid chiptune that combine modern orchestra with retro chip sound.

Chiptune Game Music Composition Demo

Nom Tunes - Relaxing Music

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What Our Customers Say :

Nom quickly provided an excellent quality track which fit our project perfectly, he is pleasant to deal with and communication is good. We’ll be looking to work with Nom again soon for more Nippon Marathon music! -Onion Soup Interactive


Director - Onion Soup Interactive
Nom, did a great job with the music for Trenchfoot. The song came out great, he was very responsive and turned everything around quickly! -CoCompadres

Matthew Manno

Director - CoCompadres

affordable and reliable, talented and easy to work with. You may not know him but I highly recommend hiring him for his services. I insist. -Strashiner Studio

Darrel Wijaya

Director - Strashiner Studio

Nom Tunes has been an integral part in out game development where music is paramount for our game. Each and every tunes were designed to match our needs. He will definitely remain our key member for the future project. –What Are You Stupid

Yin Fei

Game designer - Beat-Fu Studio

It was an absolute pleasure to work with Nom on the music for Viola. Excellent music delivered at a fast pace, and Nom himself is very open to feedback. I hope to have another opportunity to work with him soon! –

Jelle Van Doorne

Director -
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