Things You Need to Look When Hiring A Music Composer


There are many composers out there competitively looking for a project in the media industry with various skills, talent, and experience. Some of them are experienced and skilled and know how to do things in their field of expertise, but some of them also still amateur and inexperienced while know a little about the industry. As a client, of course you always want the best outcome for the project and in this case finding the best and most skilled music composer out there within the your range of budget. There is some ways to distinguish between amateur and skilled music composer when you are about to hire them. Here is some tips for you :

1. Look into to their Demo Reel

The first thing you need to do when you are looking for an experienced music composer is not look into their profile and know who they are. First, look into their Demo Reel and find out how many tracks are there in their Demo Reel. If their Demo Reel consist only a few tracks for example only 2 or 3 tracks, you can tell yourself that this composer is still inexperienced and need to work out more on their Demo Reel. I’m not saying inexperienced composer is always bad, but the reasons to look into the number of tracks in this Demo Reel is to know more about the characteristic and the consistency of that composer’s music work.

2. Look into Their Past Projects and Testimonials

The next thing you want to look at is their past projects and testimonials. Look how many past project does the music composer did in the past. The number of works and determine how is the experience of that composer. But don’t look only at their number but also at how large is the project. A great and experienced music composer usually have some large projects they did in the past. And don’t forget to look into their testimonial page. Usually the more testimonials, the better the credibility but beware of fake testimonials and check the person who give the credits to the music composer.

3. Look into Their Social Media and Artist Page

After look into their past projects, the next thing you need to do is do some research about that Music Composer. Don’t look only into their profile description in their portfolio, instead do more research about their past work and achievement. For example, you can look into their social media to look into their fan page. Or if that composer also an independent artist, you can also look into his original works at their Soundcloud and Spotify account and look at how large is their fanbase. The larger the fanbase, the more people recognize the composer ability thus the more credible that composer is.

4. Look into their Portfolio Visual

Sometimes visual does matter. Look into the aesthetic of the composer’s portfolio in example their website or blog. Usually the more professional the composer is, the more work they put into their portfolio not only about it’s content but also how it looks. They always try to put their portfolio to look as professional as possible. So visual is really matter in this case. Look into how much the music composer put into their portfolio and you can see how much passionate that composer is.

5. Look into their Rate

The last thing you can do to find yourself the best music composer out there is basically just look into their rate. It’s not always accurate, but mostly an experienced and skilled music composer can be a bit pricey for their service. It is actually pretty understandable considering that it’s their skill and credibility that he/she offer to you when you are about to hire them. In the other hand, amateur or less experienced composer usually offer less amount of rate for their work. You can’t blame them since they are looking for experience and some of them just doing this not as a professional but for fun as a hobby and that is completely fine. Sometimes considering your project intention and budget, what you need is not the best music composer out there but this fresh and passionate music composer.

So that’s all for the “Things You Need to Look When Hiring a Music Composer”. Hope you enjoy it and have a nice day !

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