Reasons to Hire Music Composer For Your Game


Music is an important aspect of a video game itself. It is a form of art that tells stories through the whole game. Music deliver feels and emotions to the audience that describe and enhance the visual experience from what we see, hence makes the game itself much more interesting. Good music will always gives the player the best experience out the games, the best example is the soundtrack for the game Undertale which complement the game artwork beautifully and give us feels and emotions to the game itself.

There’s always someone behind a great music and that is the music composer. Music composer job is to compose a track that will deliver a message to it’s audience whether it’s the emotion or the vibe of the events. Without a great composer, the music will fail to deliver it’s message. There are several reasons why you need to hire a music composer for your game :

1. You Won't Need to Do it by Yourself

Every game, needs music or at least audio to complement the gameplay and the story. Composing a soundtrack is not easy because it takes musical skill to compose, experience, musical taste, inspiration or idea and lastly the immersion of the person him/herself to the corresponding event for the game. It takes time, effort, and tools to create a good music and you won’t need to think about it when you hire a composer. All you need is just tell how the music you want and he/she will get the job done for you.

2. You Actually Saves Time and Money

As i mention above, creating music need skill and tools. By hiring a music composer, you actually saves time to study and learn all the aspect to create a music. People take years and even go earn a degree to be a professional music composer. The tools to create music such as the software and the instruments are also not cheap. Of course there’s also cheap alternative but it will not sound as good the decent one. So by hiring music composer you actually saves your time and money.

3. You Actually Advertise and Promote your Game

Do you realize by hiring a composer, you actually just advertise and promote your own game ? Why ? Because a good composer already have a good reputation or brand which will help your game to be promoted. For example, if your game music composer is someone with great reputation like Junichi Masuda or Nobuo Uematsu, people will surely get curious about your game since there is a great composer behind it. So by hiring a composer, you just actually advertise and promote your game.

4. You Just Made Another Connection in the Industry

You will meet new person that might help you not only in the music composing for your game but in life as a new friend. It’s always good thing to have more connection in the industry. For example, you are in need of 3d artist or pixel artist for your game, hence your music composer might know someone who can do it and help you how to find them. Connection and communication is a key of success in the industry.

5. Helps Each Other Dream

The last and the most important thing is : by hiring a music composer, you just help someone else dream while making yours come true. A music composer always want to make a good soundtrack and want to make a living out of it and by hiring them or using their service, you just help them out. They also help you in the game making process in the case of soundtracks.

So that’s all for the “Reasons to Hire a Music Composer for Your Game”. Hope you enjoy it and have a beautiful day !

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