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There are various genre of music from orchestra to electronic that used to tell tales inside a game. The genre knows no bound and can be varied for each game thus make every one of them unique and interesting. Even inside the game itself, the genre of music can be varied to adapt the storytelling of the game for example rock or metal music for the battle theme and orchestral for the adventurous theme. Despite that, there’s still one “Main” genre that makes the atmosphere, the one that defines the game storytelling. Here’s some of the most popular “Main” genre of game music :

1. Orchestra Music

Yep, that’s right! Orchestra is definitely the most versatile music in the industry. Orchestra is also widely use for film music and advertisement. In game music, the orchestra is commonly used for game with Fantasy genre since it’s instrument of choice is perfect to tell the fairy tale. The woodwinds are perfect for relaxing town theme, the percussion is perfect for the jungle theme, and don’t forget that strings that create the epic adventurous theme! You can find out more about orchestra here.

2. Chiptune Music

The second one comes from the quirky chiptune genre. The genre was really popular in the past as it defines that retro sound comes from that Mario game. However, chiptune never stop to shine until now thanks to that unique bleep sound. Chiptune is perfect for game with pixel graphic since it really fits the style and add that retro video game vibe. Pixel game with chiptune, what a perfect duo! You can find more information about chiptune music here.

3. Electronic Music

Nowadays, electronic music is definitely the most popular and widely known genre for young generation around the world. The hard beat of EDM really makes you want to move your body to dance! Same as orchestra, Electronic Music also widely use as film music and commercials due to its popularity. In the game music, the genre really fits the game with action genre especially in the futuristic setting with a lot of guns and robots. It shapes the game with it’s unique sound and really pump you up with that drum beat! Find interesting stuff about electronic music here.

4. Ambient Music

Ambient music is also popular as game soundtracks. The main characteristic of this genre is it’s really doesn’t interfere with your concentration due to its minimal melodic line and instrument of choice. You can hear it for hours without having any headache without losing any focus. The instrument of this genre may be varied from orchestral to electronic synth pad depending on the setting of the game. This genre is mostly used in horror, western RPG and strategy types of games. You can find examples of ambient music here.

5. Jazz Music

The last most common “Main” genre that used in the game music is Jazz. While not as popular as the other genre in the game industry, you will not have any issue finding jazz in game music. The jazz vibes really give the cool and mysterious feel to the game with the sound of Rhodes and sax. This genre really fits the game with mystery genre especially detective game. You can listen to some jazz examples here.

So that’s all for the “Most Popular Main Genre of Game Music”. Hope you enjoy it and have a nice day !

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