How to Hire the "Right" Music Composer


Finding the “right” music composer for your project is quite a challenge and is not as easy as you think. There are many composers out there with various skill and background looking for project to work for. In this article, i already shared how to find the best music composer for you. But the thing is, sometimes the best and most skilled composer out there might not be the “right” composer for you. There are many aspects that influence the criteria of the “right” composer for you. Here are some aspects that might want to consider when finding the right music composer to hire for your game and film project :

1. Budget

The first and the most important aspect to consider when finding the “right” music composer for your project is your budget. There are many composer with various range of skill with different kind of rates and usually the higher the rate then the higher the skills and the credibility of that composer. Every project always want the best outcome, however not everyone have a plenty of budget. That’s why it’s important to find the composer in the range of your budget. Here is some reference of the ideal rate for hiring a composer. But of course there’s also composers that offer lower rate than the reference, however it will be difficult to find the composers with the same level of skills and experiences.

2. Music Genre

A good and skilled composer should be able to do any genre of music from orchestra to modern electronic music. However back to the budget problem, the rate of this kind of composer is usually higher. There’s also composers who are specialized in one genre like for example electronic music or chiptune music but can’t do the other genre such as rock or jazz. The trick here is to find the theme of your project and just find the composers that excel in that area. For example, you want to make a game about mafia or heist then it’s best for you to just find the composer that excel in making jazz music or maybe hip-hop music.

3. Musical Style

Each composers are unique and have their own musical style even when they excel in the same genre of music. For example, the difference between the style Koji Kondo
and  Yoko Shimomura  even though they use same kind of orchestra instrument, the music they compose is different and that what make them stands out in the industry. That’s why when looking to hire a composer, check out their demos and personal track to find out if their musical style is the “right” for you. There’s also composer who also an independent artist. Check out my albums here.

4. Experience and Additional Skills

Sometimes you are not only in the need of composer but also in the need of sound effects. This is why you should consider if the composer you’re about to hire is also able to create and do sound design. It will be more convenient for you to have the sound designer and composer as the same person. Experience is also one aspect you need to consider when hiring a composer since tracks need to be in a specific file and can loop perfectly. Additional skills like adaptive music integration is also a plus since it will help the game and film progressions be more interesting.

5. Availability

The last aspect you need to consider when hiring a music composer is their availability. Even if you find the best composer for you, it will be useless if he/she will not be available for the deadline of your project. That’s why it’s important to share the project timeline and discuss the availability with the composer you’re about to hire. Communication is the key to find the “right” one.

So that’s all for the “How to Hire the “Right” Music Composer”. Hope you enjoy it and have a great day !

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