How Music Composer Can Tell You Stories without Words


Have you ever wondered why you can imagine things when just listening to music even without words ? There are a lot of things that can music composers do to make music affects your feels and emotions. Some of you may suspect it is the melodies that may invoke the childhood memories deep inside you but it is actually more than that. Here’s how a music composer can tells stories through music even without words :

1. The Melodies

The main aspect of music that can play with your emotions is the melodies. Melodies is the core of the music, the character that make a piece of music special and different from the others. A piece of music may have the same chord progression, same instruments, but not same melodies. However, melodies alone is not enough to make music can tell stories. Same melody can describe a lot of different emotions depends on the other aspects.

2. The Chord Progression

When you have a set of melodies and you want that melodies to set a kind of emotion, you must put that melodies in chord progression. Some chord progression may have different vibe than others. Some may sound happier than the other and some may sound jazzier than the others. So same melodies with different chord progression means different vibe of the songs thus different feels are perceived by the listeners.

3. Tempo and Rhythm

After you got the melodies and chord progression, the one aspect that heavily affect how the music feels and perceived is the rhythm of the music. For example, the music piece composed in 75 BPM is usually slow, relaxing, or sad and music piece composed in 128 BPM is usually have high energy and fun while both might use the same chord progression and melody. Music composed in 3/4 is also have different feel than music composed in 4/4 yet while both of them still use the same chord progression and melodies.

4. The Music Instruments

When you have a set of piece with a certain melodies in a certain chord progression with a certain rhythm, it still might give different vibes when you composed it with different instruments. For example, the track might give some fun and high energy vibe when played with modern synth while on the other hand give you an epic feeling when played on a full orchestra. This is because each music instrument is unique and have it’s own character and role on a piece of music.

5. Sound Effects

The last thing that composer do to make music can tells stories even without words is adding sound effects to the piece of tracks. For example, adding a old vinyl sound on the song might invoke the old school vibe or past memories for the listeners. Adding sound of people cheering or children laughing might also enhance the positive vibes about the song that you are listening to. Adding creepy sound such as whisper or scream may also add the tension when you are making a horror themed music.

So that’s all for the “How Music Composer Can Tell You Stories without Words”. Hope you enjoy it and have a nice day !

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