Summer Memories - Relaxing Summer Nostalgia

Tags : Instrumental hip hop, Chillhop

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Love Story - A Cute Little EP About Love

Tags : Instrumental hip hop, lo-fi hip hop, electronic music

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Everyday Moment - A Heartwarming Beats For Your Day

Tags : Instrumental hip hop, lo-fi hip hop

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Sky is The Limit - Fun and Cheerful Kawaii Bass EP

Tags : Electronic music, kawaii bass

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What Others Say About My Music :

Nom’s music makes you feel happy. It makes you feel some kind of nostalgia that you can’t explain… He’s extremely underrated and I hope more people can be touched by his music the same way I have -Ambition Youtube Channel


Music Curator - Ambition Youtube Channel

Cute and comfy! -Park Bird Soundcloud

Park Bird


your tunes are very comforting and they help me out when i’m stressed out -Mich Soundcloud



You have a kind of music specific to you, there are none who do music like you. Continue to make people happy with your musics <3 -PLEEG Soundcloud



A passion driven artist who stays true to himself -Cozy Youtube Channel


Music Curator - Cozy Youtube Channel

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